AJ Styles Departure marks the beginning of the end for TNA

My god it has been too long! I’ve been pretty busy adjusting to doing a summer unit. Yes I am studying in the Summer time. Fucking hell. Anyway a lot has happened. I’ll give my RAW review tomorrow because first of all that show was pretty awesome, especially the last segment, b there is a lot to talk about and c there will be a lot more positivity. Yes people more TNA ranting. This company always finds a way to get bashed. AJ Styles, the man who has been in TNA since day fucking one will be a free agent. And as I read the details about why they could not come to an agreement, I began to laugh at how fucking stupid, and cheap this promotion actually is.


To the TNA fans, enjoy it while you can. Because it is going to be a slow, painful death of TNA. You can defend the product all you want but at the end of the day, it will not matter. To me, losing AJ Styles is pretty much the beginning of the end.

If none of you have the spoilers yet… well actually you should read it because you get a whole month of TNA television in just five minutes. But it has been reported that AJ does come back and face Magnus to unify the belts, AJ loses due to a whole army of people interfering and announces that he is leaving TNA. And it has been confirmed that with the company trying to cut costs, (what a surprise) and AJ wanting more money, the two parties could not come to agreement and on December 17, AJ Styles will be a free agent.  This has sent bad signals to the other TNA originals that have their deals coming up, the message being that they might have to start looking for a job else ware.


WOW! TNA fans, feel free to lighten the situation up and make it out as if this is not a big deal. Hell please explain to me how this company has progressed! Losing AJ Styles is like Sting leaving WCW, John Cena leaving WWE or even at the time Stone Cold leaving WWE. It is a massive blow to the company. AJ Styles and TNA are synomonus with each other. Whenever I think of TNA, the first guy I always think of is AJ Styles. He is the face of TNA, the poster boy, a true TNA original. The fact that the company did not fight to the death to keep him, the fact that they did not do everything within their power to make sure he is staying is absolutely pathetic.

Losing AJ Styles is the last straw for me folks. The only reason I would bother watching a TNA show is to see AJ Styles. You can throw Bobby Roode, Kazarian, Daniels at me all you want, but this company has mishandled and mismanaged their guys for their entire existence! They fucked up Samoa Joe, they fucked up James Storm, Austin Aires, Abyss and a plenty more. Oh and Austin Aires in one year has gone from TNA world champ and main eventing bound for glory to the first match in the fucking card. Way to build a star TNA! Oh yeah speaking of stars…


You give all these guys periodic pushes and than all of a sudden kill it. Instead of giving the wrestlers who actually had the balls to stand through your bullshit, you gave the WWE rejects the main event spot! This company has been so inept, stupid, horrible, devoid of merit, arrogant and shit for so long that now it is finally catching up to them. This company will be remembered for having the tools to be a successful promotion yet they fuck it all up by doing stupid shit.

Let’s list the stupid shit they have done over the years:

·      Signing Adam “Pac-Man” Jones

·      Attempting to compete with WWE

·      Reverse battle royal

·      Building Samoa Joe up as an undefeated submission monster and now regressed him to being TNA’s fat bitch

·      Pushing the WWE rejects instead of the TNA originals

·      Constant re-hashing of the nWo storyline (Main event mafia, Immortal, Aces and eights)

·      TNA Victory Road 2009 (enough said)

·      Stupid Gimmick matches (electric steel cage, silent night, bloody night)

·      The whole year of 2010 and 2011

·      Keeping Vince Russo for a whole decade

·      Bringing in Hogan and Bischoff

·      No memorable storylines

·      Overrated wrestling

·      Joker Sting

·      TNA Victory Road 2011 (one minute and 20 seconds in the main event)

·      Horrible booking (Victory road 2009 – James Storm has to pretend he is slower than EARL FUCKING HEBNER WHO IS 30 YEARS OLDER!!!)

·      Never creating a captivating and memorable star

·      Pushing guys no one gives a shit about (Ethan Carter)

·      Bringing in MMA stars


That is more than enough stupid shit I have listed. There are plenty more but that will take forever to read. I really do not get how people can still be invested in this promotion after all of the stupid shit they have done for years and they kept on doing and doing. AJ Styles is the last straw. That is the only light in TNA and they fucked it up. It just shows that TNA is not even the minor leagues, but the D-league of professional wrestling. They look and are so pathetic now. There back in their little hole in Orlando and now it truly does look like a independent show, they can’t afford to show iMPACT live, they only have three pay-per-views, no X-divison, no tag-team division, no women’s division and of course no AJ Styles.

TNA is on life support at this point. It is slowly but surely dying and it deserves to be dead. It deserves everything it is getting right now. The arrogance this company has displayed in their existence, the nerve of these people is now finally catching up. Now that does not mean I want it to die. I would love for it to get better but AJ Styles leaving is the nail in the coffin to me. TNA deserves to die if they can not keep their main guy.

Now at least in WWE, there are things about the promotion I can look forward to. I can look forward to CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, the tag division, some solid wrestling, maybe a kick-ass segment like the one we got on Monday night. TNA on the other hand…. Nothing. There is nothing to look forward to. It has been picked apart and they have nobody to blame but themselves. Watching Daniel Bryan get a huge ovation, the crowd going crazy and Cena and Orton cutting their best promo’s in a long time which was followed up by a chaotic brawl and ending with a Cena heel turn tease is stuff that makes me proud to be a wrestling fan. TNA with it’s dead atmosphere and watching these guys give it their all in a place that only holds 700 people makes me sad and I feel sorry for them.

Everyone in TNA is pretty much wasting away his or her careers in TNA at this point. So start the countdown people, because the end of TNA is near.

Oh and as for the TNA DVD that will be done in maybe the year 2017 or 2018. Call it the fall of TNA because there was never a rise.




    1. Well if one company is absolutely stupid and incompetent, there might as well be just one company. One more thing, to see the fans actually have the nerve to still defend TNA and all the stupid shit it does and say that WWE does even more stupid shit is sad.

      Yes WWE does stupid shit but TNA does retarded shit.
      Jenna vs Sharmell anyone? August one warning? Idiots.

  1. Great article. TNA just cannot grasp the idea of creating and building up their own stars. WWE has always been far superior in this regard in terms of effort and success. Bitter TNA fans will never accept that all the company cares about doing is getting washed-up former WWE guys and trying to build around them. I can’t wait for the Rise and Fall of TNA movie to be released by WWE after they buy out the library and hopefully secure the contracts of the few worthwhile workers that remain (Joe, Storm, Daniels, etc)

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